Woman dubbed 'Raggedy Ann' is serial bank robber

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More women committing armed robberies

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PHOENIX - The person accused of robbing several banks has been identified as a woman and is now being considered a serial robber.

She also seems to use common themes. Bank robberies across the Valley have doubled. This time last year 50 bank robbers had hit Phoenix and now more than a 100 have.

Police tell 3TV the number of women hitting banks has itself doubled. While investigators say drugs are usually the reason people rob banks, this woman, dubbed Raggedy Ann, is now considered a serial bank robber. She is accused of hitting at least three banks in the last three weeks.

She leaves some photos at every bank she hits. You might remember one picture of the bank robber, dubbed "The bad hair day bandit," and it turns out police say he was working alongside his wife. The duo is accused of hitting seven banks.

Another male and female duo recently took a taxi to a crime scene. Police say their crime sprees usually do not last for long.

Phoenix has a 70% arrest rate, meaning Raggedy Ann could soon be in her raggedy jail gear.

Police tell 3TV typically when they find their suspects, those suspects are almost always under the influence of drugs.