Valley man deposits stimulus check, but bank loses it

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PHOENIX -- Chances are pretty good you've received your stimulus check from the government, but wait until you hear what happened to one Valley man and his check.

Your $600 stimulus check isn't much good unless you take it to your bank and either cash it or deposit it.

Well, that's exactly what John Pahoda did.

"I mean, I have never heard of a bank not taking responsibility for their negligence," Pahoda said.

You could say Pahoda is upset with the Bank of America found inside a north Phoenix grocery store.

"That's the best answer they could tell me ... is they lost the check," he said.

Pahoda says as soon as he received his economic stimulus check, he took it to Bank of America and put it in his checking account.

In fact, he has the deposit slip. But a day or two later when Pahoda was reviewing his bank account online, he discovered that his deposit had been reversed, meaning the money he had put in had been taken back out by Bank of America.

The reason? Bank of America says it lost Pahoda's stimulus check after they took it from him.

"It's bank negligence," Pahoda said. "I didn't lose the check. I gave them the check and I have a deposit slip saying I gave them the check. How is that my problem?"

No problem because Bank of America had a solution.

"They're telling me that it's my problem, that I need to go to the IRS and have it reissued to me," Pahoda said.

Are you kidding me? The IRS is just going to hand out another check? I don't think so.

3 On Your Side called Bank of America and after a brief investigation, they put the money back into Pahoda's account.

In a statement to 3 On Your Side, a spokesperson says, "We have since located the missing check, fully credited his account and have ensured there is no further negative impact to the customer as a result."

That's good news for Pahoda, who needs that money.

I've heard of this happening before where a bank loses a check and takes the money back out of your account. Even with a deposit slip, it's difficult to get that money returned.

I'm just happy Bank of America perked up when I put a call into them.