Teen at center of bus brawl earlier this year found guilty

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UPDATE: Taylor was found guilty of one count disorderly conduct for starting th school bus brawl back in February.

The judge sentenced her to unsupervised probation including 24 hours of community service, counseling as determined by her mother and a three page essay outlining her life goals.

ORIGINAL - GILBERT -- The teenage girl who was at the center of a brawl on a school bus that made news across the country will go before a judge Tuesday to learn her sentence.

Teen gets probation, community service

Samantha Taylor, now 15, faces charges of disorderly conduct and could get up to six months in a juvenile detention center.

The charges stem from an incident caught on surveillance tape back in February.

The bus driver, Kim Sullivan, had stopped the bus to calm some students. When Samantha, who was 14 at the time, demanded to get off the bus, Sullivan would not let her.

The situation escalated into a shouting match and ended in an all-out brawl.

Two other girls got involved in the melee -- Samantha's friend and Sullivan's daughter. Those two girls had to complete a restitution program.

Sullivan was not charged. Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas determined that her actions were reasonable to maintain discipline under the circumstances.

Samantha was suspended for six days and charged with disorderly conduct.

Her trial is slated for 1:30 Tuesday afternoon.

While the teen could be sentenced to time in a juvenile detention center, she'll probably get probation.