Phoenix Magazine's coolest people and places in Valley

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Phx Magazine's Hippest People and Places

From spas to restaurants Phoenix Magazine has come up with a list of 33 must-sees here in the Valley.

Teens Cali Rodi and Sydney Sprague are showing off their musical talents thanks to the founders of Chicks with Picks. Co-founder Rhonda Hitchcock explains, "I said, 'Where are all the chick singers out there' and this is how we kind of got it started and I said to her, 'We should do something on a bigger level'."

Hitchcock and Pandy Raye, the other founder, are definitely moving mountains for Arizona women trying to break onto the music scene. They give older and little chicks with picks a chance to perform live at venues across the Valley like Aunt Chilada's.

Raye tells 3TV, "Most of those venues that they come to is their first time, first experience playing on stage." Pandy, who was American Idol Jordin Sparks' guitar teacher, says the group helps the ladies get to bigger stages like their Music Fest next month. It also helps them network.

Sprague admits, "Absolutely, get involved. You have to start somewhere even if it's doing little shows like this. Rodi adds, " With myself being 13, I look up to the older chicks and seek advice from them because I'm just getting started with all of this."

Another place to make the magazine's cool issue is Sweet Republic Ice Cream.

Jan Wichayanuparp, a co-founder, tells 3TV, "We feel the name is a reflection of our values and sort of our dreams to have a sweet life in the Arizona republic."

The owners traded in their investment banking jobs to serve ice cream but this is not your typical sweet treat. She explains as she shows 3TV some of their treats, "This is tangelo tango, fresh-picked tangelo juice with a hint of mint. This is a melon duo, cantaloupe and honey dew in there."

These are just two of the unique 24 flavors people can choose from. Helen Yung, the other co-founder, admits, "We're the only ones in the Valley who make it completely from scratch and we have flavors no one else has even in the rest of the country."

Using all-natural ingredients and products from local farmers markets to make the sweet delights, the duo create their own toppings, sauces and cones.

Wichayanuparp explains, "We started introducing sweet corn and a lot of people corn is a pretty popular in a lot of people's meals, so seeing it as a dessert just made sense."

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