Bullet shot through apartment wall strikes man watching TV

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MESA -- A man was shot while watching TV inside his Mesa apartment on Wednesday.

The victim lives in an apartment near Main Street and Greenfield Road.

The man said he heard a bang and was shot in the arm but did not know who shot him or from where.

When police arrived, the victim walked out of his apartment with a towel wrapped around an arm that was bleeding severely.

In the victim's apartment, police found what appeared to be an exit hole indicating the bullet had come through the wall from the apartment next door.

The occupants of that apartment said they had no idea what was going on and as far as they knew, no one had shot a gun in that apartment.

Police checked that apartment and found a bullet hole in the wall. Police say it appeared someone had tried to hide the hole by placing a white substance in the hole. The substance was still wet and the hole was the same diameter as that in the victim's apartment.

One of the occupants in the apartment later admitted to having shot the gun and was charged with that offense along with prohibited possessor and a probation violation.

Police say it appears there was no intention of shooting the victim in the next apartment.

The victim did not receive life-threatening wounds.