Man dies after slipping head-first into air conditioning duct

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AHWATUKEE - A man has died after getting stuck in a pipe while trying to repair an air conditioning unit.

How it happened

3TV has learned a yard worker had been hired by a contractor to help close off an air conditioning return pipe at an Ahwatukee home near Chandler Boulevard and Ray Road.

The victim, who has only been identified as a 37-year-old Hispanic man, got into a pipe that was about 24 inches around and went 30 feet under the house.

According to Phoenix Fire, the worker had climbed inside the air conditioning return unit duct and was not heard from for about 45 minutes. The contractor went to check on him and found the worker unresponsive and stuck in the unit. The contractor then reportedly tied a rope to the workers feet and pulled him out.

Phoenix Fire says the contractor called 911 but by the time emergency crews got to the scene they could not revive the victim.