Father gets 15 years for starving children

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PHOENIX (AP) -- A father faces 15 years in prison after being convicted of three counts of child abuse for nearly starving his children to death while following a bizarre diet he mistakenly called "vegan."

Blair Parker, 38, begged the judge for probation Friday in Maricopa County Superior Court so that he could care for the child still in his custody.

In April 2003, Parker's 3-year-old daughter was rushed to the hospital because she was having a seizure.

The child weighed only 13 pounds. Her 11-year-old sister was the size of a 5-year-old; her 9-year-old brother was no bigger than a 3-year-old.

Authorities said Parker and his wife Kimu, 38, kept their children on a strict daily regimen of prayer, study, chores, exercise and rigid adherence to diet, right down to what liquids they could drink and when.

Kimu Parker went to trial in 2007, was found guilty and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

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