AZ Republican Party director arrested for criminal speeding

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Director of AZ GOP Party arrested

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PHOENIX - The executive director of the Arizona Republican Party was arrested.

The Department of Public Safety tells 3TV Brett Mecum was arrested on Wednesday morning for criminal speeding and reckless driving.

The arrest came after a stationary photo enforcement camera captured him going 109 miles-per-hour on the Loop 101 near 59th Avenue.

Mecum was arrested at the Arizona Republican Party headquarters and then booked into Fourth Avenue Jail.

Mecum issued this statement:

"Earlier today I was confronted by two officers of the Department of Public Safety who asserted that according to photo radar equipment that I was travelling at a high rate of speed. The incident in question took place nearly one month ago. I have not had an opportunity to review any of the evidence in this particular matter. As a consequence, I have entered no plea in this matter. I expect to and look forward to having an opportunity to see all the information DPS has collected and I will evaluate that information prior to entering any pleas in this matter. I have every expectation that this matter will in no way compromise or effect my ability to do my job as executive director of the Arizona Republican Party as we continue forward right here, right now, with our aggressive plan to register more Republicans and enhance our fundraising."