Woman finally gets wedding photos

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TEMPE -- In a report that aired around Christmas, we told you about a Valley bride who says she paid for her wedding pictures but never received them.

The Tempe woman was very upset because the wedding photographer she hired was quick to be paid, but he was not very quick to turn around her photos. But after she contacted 3 On Your Side, well, things got done.


"I'm fully satisfied," Justine Yates said. "I just want to thank 3 On Your Side. I'm so very happy."

Yates is a lot better today compared to last month when you saw her in a 3 On Your Side report. That's when she complained about paying $1,800 to a company called Image Maker owned by a photographer named Michael Pitts.

Now, although Pitts actually showed up to photograph her March 22 wedding, Yates said she still didn't have the photos he was supposed to turn around and it's been nearly a year since her wedding.

"At that point, his phone number was disconnected and his Web site was down and that's when I got scared," Yates said.

So, Yates and her family contacted 3 On Your Side and although Pitts never returned our phone calls or e-mails, our inquiries apparently did something because after our story aired Pitts finally contacted Yates and gave her all of the photos that she paid for -- the 8-by-10s, the 5-by-7s, all of them.

"He didn't understand why we went to 3 On Your Side," Yates said. "I had full intention, he said, of giving you your photos and he didn't know why we had to go to 3 On Your Side."

But Yates says after not hearing from the photographer in six months and having no forwarding information to get a hold of him, she says she had to contact 3 On Your Side.

And she's glad she did because all of those empty wedding frames will now get to hold her wedding photos -- photos she thought she would never see.

"I think this was exactly what we needed, for him to realize that we were serious and we were upset for not getting photos," she said.

And Yates says not only did she get her photos but she also received five CDs with all of the photos in high resolution.