Man accused of 2 hit and runs within minutes; Pedestrian dead

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UNCUT: Witness describes fatal hit and run

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PHOENIX - A pedestrian was hit and killed by a Valley driver Wednesday afternoon. It was a man police say is charged in not one but two accidents.

A 57-year-old man died as he was walking across the street. His belongings were thrown on the ground.

Naseer Laazzawi saw it happen. He explains to 3TV, "Like he saw himlike he fly up." The Iraqi native tells us the 24-year-old driver of a red neon ran over the man.

Laazzawi can only speak Arabic so his translator told 3TV the story. He said the driver was speeding.

Police tell 3TV he was speeding away from another hit and run a few blocks away. Nevertheless, after this second crash Laazawi says the driver jumped out of the car screaming.

Police arrested the man and are looking into whether alcohol was a factor but Laazawi says he knows the answer. "He smelled him like he drink beer, like he smell."

It's something that upsets Laazawi even more about this fatal crash, especially when it happened so close to his family's home.

Police say the victims involved in the first hit and run crash actually called police. Officers were on the way to find the suspect when he got into the second crash.