Woman waits 18 months for barstool

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PHOENIX -- A North Phoenix woman says she purchased two barstools but only received one. So why isn't the store coughing up the other stool?

It seems pretty simple. You buy two stools, you get two stools, but Patty York says she only received one.

And get this, she's been waiting for that second barstool for more than a year now.

York admits it's just a barstool, but it was something her house needed just in case she ever had company.

York bought the barstool back in March 2007. In fact, her invoice confirms she paid $239 for two stools from a store called Arizona Barstool Company in Goodyear.

At the time, York left the store with only one stool because that's all the store had. They had to order the other one.

But 18 months later, and after countless phone calls to the store, York still just has that one stool.

3 On Your Side went to Arizona Barstool Company in Goodyear where she made the purchase and discovered that the store was recently closed. The inside was completely wiped out. There was no forwarding address or contact information given.

Now, here's the deal. Although that Goodyear store closed down, we did find out that one of the former co-owners went over to Scottsdale and opened up a store. It's called Simply Barstools.

Maybe he would be able to help out with that missing stool.

"A lot of people, when they walk in here, they say, 'If you can't find a barstool here, you won't be able to find one," said Shane Khubchandeni, who runs Simply Barstools.

Khubchandeni said he was never aware York was having problems at the previous store, but he was willing to assist her now by giving her a stool from his new store.

"I'll take her word for it that she never received her stool and she can come in here and pick out a stool and we'll be happy to give it to her," Khubchandeni said.

And good news. York went to Simply Stools today and picked up her stool.

Again, she's been waiting for it for 18 months, but she says 3 On Your Side was able to get it done for her. So, thank you to Simply Barstools.