Teacher, husband busted with hydroponic pot on I-10

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Couple in custody after drug bust

PHOENIX - There was a major pot bust in Phoenix and officers say a Valley teacher was at the center of it.

An elementary school teacher and her husband are facing serious drug charges.

Officers searched their home in east Phoenix on Sunday. Neighbors in the area say they have noticed quite a bit of foot traffic in and out of the home.

Michelle Conniff, one of the suspects, is a teacher in the Isaac School District in west Phoenix. She teaches 6th grade. Her husband, John Conniff, works as a respiratory therapist in a Phoenix hospital.

A Department of Public Safety officer pulled them over Saturday night on Interstate 10. He noticed they were acting a little funny and smelled marijuana in the car. A K-9 officer found large plastic bags and glass jars full of pot ready for sale in the trunk.

It was hydroponic marijuana, which is more potent and has a higher street value as it is grown using a high-tech in-home operation.

The marijuana in the car has a street value of around $60,000. Investigators are still trying to figure out where it was grown and where the teacher and her husband were taking it.