Shocking details about teen who threw baby in school trash

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More details on baby thrown in trash

PHOENIX - A new report sheds light on what was going through the mind of the 14-year-old girl who gave birth at school last month.

3TV now knows more about what happened minutes before the principal at Osborn Middle Schoolfound a newborn baby inside a trash can.

3TV is getting a first look at the police report, including the interview between the young mother and officers and among the details are some new facts about the case.

When the young girl was asked if she told her mom that she was pregnant, her answer was no. She reportedly stated also that she did not tell anyone because she was scared.

A few minutes later, the officer asked the girl about being in the nurses office that day, where we've since learned the baby was born inside the restroom.

She explained to officers that she went to the office for pain and lay down for most of the day until the baby was born in the early afternoon hours. She also told police she had cut the umbilical cord with a pair of scissors she brought in with her, but left it attached to the baby. That was the same way the baby was found later that day..

Officers then asked the young girl if the nurse noticed any of the blood left behind and she answered by saying she told the nurse she'd had a nose bleed and needed a new uniform because some of it had gotten on her shirt. After cleaning up the mess and packing the baby up the girl told officers she debated taking the newborn on the bus with her but decided against it.

That is because she did not want anyone to ask her a question about it so that's when she decided to throw the baby in a trash can and continued on home.

Police questioned students on campus and found out who the likely mother was and went to the young girl's home. She was taken to the hospital to be checked out, where she stayed for two days.

To date the girl has not been charged with any crime. Thankfully, the baby survived. Police asked the young mother if she knew about the safe haven law and the girl said that the first time she had heard about it was from the paramedics in the ambulance after it was too late.