Major cockfighting operation busted; firearms, drugs found

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Major cockfighting ring busted


PHOENIX -- Phoenix police Officer James Holmes said Alfredo Ramirez Ruiz, 38, and Jose C. Renteria, 43, were booked into jail on multiple counts of animal cruelty involving cockfighting. The third detainee was released.

On Wednesday, Phoenix police officers served a second search warrant at the address. Officers discovered some firearms and illegal drugs on the property. Officers also found what they initially believed to be a small explosive device and the bomb squad was called in. Examination of the device revealed that it was not explosive and was harmless.

Police have not made contact with the owner of the property and the investigation is ongoing.


PHOENIX - Three people are in custody after a cockfighting ring bust in Phoenix.

Authorities raided what is being described as a "major cockfighting operation" near Ninth Street and Broadway Road on Wednesday afternoon.

Police officers discovered approximately 100 roosters that were, according to personnel from the Arizona Humane Society, being physically prepared for cockfighting.

Phoenix police Officer James Holmes said the animals' combs and wattles had been removed, which is indicative of a bird prepped for fighting. The animals were immediately euthanized by Humane Society staff.

Authorities also found gaffs and other animal-fighting materials.

Holmes said three suspects were detained at the property and are being questioned by police. The property owner was not at the residence and is being sought.

The three suspects face Class 5 felony cockfighting charges for each bird recovered from this location.