2 Companies build block wall for new mom

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TEMPE -- A pregnant Tempe woman gave thousands of dollars to a contractor to build a block wall and the contractor took off. 3 On Your Side has a great update to this story.

It seems to be a common theme, but this one hurt a little bit more than usual because the victim I profiled last month was pregnant and she really needed that money.


, 1-800-366-7877CONTACT: Certified Construction & Supply, owner Terry Sucato, 480-515-6288 , 602-265-5999

The last time you saw Sara Sansone not only was she about to give birth, but she had also just been victimized by an unscrupulous contractor who ripped her off for nearly $2,800.

"I can really use that money," she said. "That's a big chunk of change."

The contractor was supposed to build a block wall around Sansone's backyard, but instead, he took her $2,800 and ran.

The night that 3 On Your Side report aired, Dave Sharp was watching. Sharp works for a company called Superlite Block, one of the largest block producers in the Southwest.

After seeing our report, Sharp wanted to make things right.

"So, right away, I stepped up and said we've got to do something," Sharp said. "So I called the president of Superlite and said we've got to do something to remedy this and he said let's do it."

Superlite Block donated and delivered about $3,500 worth of block absolutely free, but someone had to use the block to build Sansone's wall.

Enter Terry Sucato, a licensed contractor.

Sucato owns a company called Certified Construction. He paid his employees to build Sansone's wall with those donated blocks and in no time her wall was built.

"We have about $2,500 worth of labor and about three days' worth of work," Sucato said.

In all, $6,000 worth of material and labor went into Sansone's wall.

Her cost? Absolutely nothing. Superlite Block and Certified Construction just wanted to help this expectant mother out.

And, by the way, she's not expecting any longer. Just before the wall was built, she gave birth.

Sansone says it's difficult to describe just how grateful she is for these two men and their companies.

'It's amazing. It would be hard enough to find two people I know to be that generous, let alone two strangers to help me out," she said.

Again, a big thank you to Superlite Block and Certified Construction.

I can't forget about the Arizona Masonry Guild either. That organization is donating more than $300 to purchase gates to hang in the walls of Sansone's block wall.