Burglars shoot homeowner's dad during home invasion

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BUCKEYE - Two armed and dangerous burglars are still on the loose Tuesday night.

Suspects still at large

A man and a woman are accused of shooting a father police say was trying to protect his daughter's house.

A surveillance camera captured video of the victim just seconds before and after a violent confrontation. The camera caught a very calm victim in his 40s walking with a gunshot wound in his leg.

A Phoenix police K9 tracked the scent of two armed suspects as concerned neighbors watched.

Neighbor Luciano Guzman says it was a horrible sight. He did not know who the victim was or what had happened so that is when he says he pulled out his surveillance video.

It turns out just seconds before the shooting his camera captured the victim riding through the neighborhood on the bike. Police say he was checking on his daughter's house, located next to Guzman's

He must have spotted something at her house like a broken window or broken screen because moments later you see the victim leave his bike in Guzman's yard and walk next door.

Police say it was there in the front yard that he confronted the burglars who shot him in the leg with a handgun.

Seconds later the camera captured the wounded victim walking past Guzman's house, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

Police say that as this victim was walking away his armed suspect's were fleeing. The victim went to the hospital but is expected to be ok.

Police say one of the suspects is a white woman with blonde hair believed to be in her 40s. The other suspect is said to be a Hispanic man in his late 20s.