Suspects in car robbery linked to dozens of cases across Phoenix

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SCOTTSDALE - The following is a press release from the Scottsdale Police Department:

On 5/31/09 at approximately8:00 AM, victim's 2007 Volvowagonwas burglarized at Chaparral Park, locatedat 5401 N. Hayden Road.Numerous personal itemswere stolen,including cash and credit cards.

The victim (vehicle owner) and other witnesses saw 2 male suspects smash the carwindow and remove the victim's purse. They were seen fleeing in a small silver sedan. One witness copied down the plate on the suspect vehicle and provided it to the police.

Within 30 minutes of the break-in, the suspects were seen on video using the victim's credit cards at a Scottsdale Starbucks and a Smoke shop on the SR Indian Reservation. A few days later, one suspect tried to pass a $9000 check that was stolen from the victim's purse. He was not sucessful in his attempt. SPD detectives were able to identify the suspects by tracking down the license plate of the suspect's car and conducting photo lineups with the victim and witnesses.

On 6/17/09, Tige Pittmanwas arrested bySPD detectivesat his girlfriend's home at 225 W. 1st Avenue in Mesa.A search warrant was served on his girlfriend's home at that timeand two truckloads of stolen property were seized,linking the Pittman brothers and a girlfriendto 41cases across the valley.Their criminal activities including vehicle burglaries, credit card fraud, check fraud, forgery, aggravated identity theft, possession/trafficking of stolen property, and drug use.

On 6/18/09, Mark Pittmanwas arrested bySPDnear 7500 W. Encanto Blvd in Phoenix. after being seen leaving his residence. The girlfriend has not yet been arrested. Both suspects were held in custody and transferred to 4th Ave. jail.