Legendary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey passes away in Phx

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Harvey passed away in Phx on Saturday

PHOENIX - A legendary voice and radio broadcaster has passed away.

ABC Radio's Paul Harvey died in Phoenix on Saturday. Harvey's staccato delivery was first heard nationwide on ABC Radio back in 1951.

Harvey was best known for the program "The Rest of the Story." The man known for his pregnant pauses was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1990 and at one time Harvey broadcast from the KTAR studios in Phoenix.

Jeff Scott, who worked with Harvey, says, "He'd kind of mosey into the studio, and it was like Elvis was in the building and he'd grab his shirt collar and say 'Good morning' and we all looked over at him like "Is that really Paul Harvey?'We'd prepare for his visits like a presidential visit, we would change all thelighting and the office equipment and the ribbons on the wires at the time, but when he came in and he actually worked with us it was just like he was one of the team, very approachable, very conversational, a very nice guy."

Harvey was 90 years old and will be dearly missed.