Two pregnant women steal police bait car, arrested shortly after

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Pregnant women busted in stolen police car

GLENDALE - They were pregnant and smoking and allegedly behind the wheel of a stolen car.

Police tell 3TV two women were driving a Glendale bait car. 3TV was told not only was the driver several months pregnant, but her passenger was pregnant, too.

Police say the two suspects, 29-year-old driver Melissa Gerhardt, and passenger, 18-year-old Christina Alvarez stole a police bait car.

Police tell 3TV, "That's unusualin 20 years of police work I really can't remember a two women team going out and boosting cars."

Even more unusual is that they are both pregnant. The driver is believed to be almost due and in the bait car video you can see the pregnant driver smoking and at one point congratulating the other.

The duo is seen cussing up a storm throughout the video, especially when talking about the City of Glendale. The duo moves less than a mile to a nearby convenience store and parks, but soon after stepping out of the car they spot Glendale police.

Police say they took the wrong bait. They tell 3TV they had to take one of the girls to the hospital just to make sure the stress of being arrested did not cause any problems. 3TV was told it did not and police took them both to jail.

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