UPDATE: Tempe Splash Playground to reopen Friday

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TEMPE -- Tempe Beach Park's Splash Playground will reopen Friday after lab tests showed the water is safe.

Lab tests showed water is safe

The playground was closed July 18 after Crypto was found. There were no reports of anyone getting sick.


TEMPE -- The same day that Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon affirmed citizens that the water was same in city pools, Tempe finds themselves closing a public water playground.

"Crypto" - the parasite that was found in Phoenix pools - has now been found in the water at the Splash Playground in Tempe, forcing its closure and a disinfecting process that Phoenix has been going through all week.

City officials in Phoenix say tests show the water in half of the pools thought to be contaminated are now clean.

The mayor sent three of the city's lifeguards into the pool to show the water's safe again.

And while Phoenix pools weren't crowded...those who came down for a dip weren't concerned about getting sick.

"I wouldn't have brought my kids out if I was worried about it." says Crystal Walker, a parent in the water today.

Connie Lange, another swimmer, agrees.

"I'm glad it's back open...I'm sure they did what they could to make it clean."

But there's still a big unknown - what caused the illness, called cryptosporidiosis.

It's spread through fecal matter, prompting a plea to the swimming public.

If you've been sick with diarrhea, wait 2 full weeks before going into public waters.

City officials hope that warning, and making waterproof diapers mandatory will be enough to prevent another outbreak.