Dogs shot after they attack sheep on Glendale farm

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Several sheep killed on farm

Dogs attack sheep on family farm - Several sheep are dead on a family farm after at least two dogs attacked the animals.

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GLENDALE -- Several sheep are dead on a family farm in Glendale after two dogs attacked the animals Friday morning.

A worker told Bob Raney that two dogs were loose on his property at 79th and Northern avenues and attacking his small herd of sheep.

The dogs appeared to be pit bulls or pit bull mixes.

At least six sheep were killed and three others had to be put down because of the severity of their injuries.

The two dogs were shot and killed.

Raney and his wife had kept the sheep for about the last seven years.

"I'm as sick in my stomach as I can be because they are pets," Raney said.

The dogs were not wearing tags so it is unknown where the dogs came from or who the owners are.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Agriculture were investigating.