Meet Frosty Flakes!

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The Phoenix Zoo is happy to announce Frosty Flakes!

No, not the cereal, but there is milk involved. Frosty Flakes is the newest member of the zebu clan at the Phoenix Zoo and she loves milk from her momma for breakfast. She was born in April 2009 after her mom Mrs. Flakes gave birth while in quarantine at out veterinary clinic. While in quarantine, Frosty never ventured more than a few feet from her mom.

Since coming down to their new home on the farm, Frosty has become much more adventurous and independent. Mrs. Flakes is a very good mother, always keeping an eye on her new baby. The zebus will all get to live together as one big happy family once the baby is a bit larger.

Our male Miniature Zebu Mr. Flakes lost his mate several years ago and has been our only zebu since the arrival of Mrs. Flakes and Frosty.