Mosaic glass tile backsplash

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-Mosaic Glass Tiles (desired color and style)

-Accent Tiles (optional) Border, dots, listhellos, etc...

-Wonderboard or Gripper primer

-Omni Grip premixed thinset for vertical surfaces


-Bag of thinset (add water) for vertical surfaces

-NON-Sanded grout

-Trowel with small V-teeth for walls

-Tile grout float

-Scissors and utility knife

-Grouting sponge



-Select Glass tiles for backsplash, bathroom, accent areas

(12x12 mosaic glass tiles can be cut into borders, 4x4 accents, 2x2 accents or used hole)

-When selecting the tiles, consider the flooring, paint colors, all decor in general.

-Add Wonderboard to surface where tile is being applied, by scoring the easy grid surface

-Snap and screw into wall with cement board screws


-Prime the surface with Gripper primer from Glidden ICI paints to prep the surface for tile

-Cut the Mosaic mesh style tile with a scissors or utility knife, NO TILE SAW NEEDED!! (Cut out the center of the mesh to insert a 4x4 or 2x2 accent tile) or

(Cut a section of 3-4 rows to create a mosaic glass border) and many more options.

-Using the V-tooth trowel for walls, apply the Omni grip thinset to the surface

-Apply thinset with the straight edge of trowel, spread evenly and thinly.

-Drag the V-tooth edge of the trowel through the thinset to create a grooved surface

-Apply the thinset in 3-4 foot sections, this will allow time to set the tile.

-The Omni Grip Premixed is a NO SLIP. NO DRAG, NO FALL vertical application thinset

-Lay the sheets of mosaic glass tiles, pressing down to ensure the tiles are secure

(The thin layer of thinset will prevent a lot of excess from seeping out in between the tiles)

-Insert the accent tiles into the previously cut out areas, apply pressure

-Let set up and dry

-Mix grout with water according to MFG. instructions, to a peanut butter consistency

-Spread grout mixture between tiles with grout float, filling in all areas

-At the exposed end, taper the grout back to the wall for a more finished edge

-Using the yellow grout cleaning sponge and water, wipe down the grouted area, removing excess grout

-Wipe in columns, only going over each column two times, then rinse

(If you wipe around the sponge in a circular motion, the surface will never appear clean)

-If necessary,go over it again after it is dry with a dry/damp cloth to remove any haze

-Let dry completely