Therapist requested for St. Johns boy to discuss issues

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Boy returned to juvenile detention after furlough

ST. JOHNS - A request has been submitted for the appointment of a therapist for the 8-year-old St. Johns boy accused of double homicide.

According to court documents, the therapist would be provided " for the sole purpose of communicating with the child to assist in any therapeutic healing/emotional support that may be necessary without the fear of those communications being used against him in anyway and for any purpose."

The documents also say the therapist is needed to help the boy with "issues" that can be discussed in confidence. The doctor assigned would not treat the boy or evaluate him to come up with a diagnosis.

The papers also say counsel can only agree to the therapist appointment if the therapist and her staff members are not called as witnesses should the case go to trial. They also cannot be themselves nor have their records subpoenaed.