Family held at gunpoint during home robbery

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Family held at gunpoint during safe robbery

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PHOENIX - Shots rang out in Phoenix on Friday after a man and his two kids were forced inside their home at gunpoint.

It happened at a home off Bethany Home Road and 35th Avenue. Police say three men confronted the homeowner and forced everyone inside. The suspect then stole the man's safe from a back bedroom.

Someone fired off at least four shots while the homeowner ran across the street for help. Francis Thacker, a neighbor, tells 3TV, "I heard him running and I thought who is that running and I come to the door, so when I came to the door, he was standing there and he said 'Call the police somebody is trying to kill me'."

Police found the stolen safe in a back alley later that day. All three suspects are still on the loose and are believed to have taken off in a blue or silver car.