Dieteman testifies that he couldn't shoot 2 kids on a bike

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PHOENIX -- Jurors heard more disturbing testimony Thursday from the key defendant in the Serial Shooter trial, Dale Hausner's alleged partner in crime.

Dieteman said he couldn't shoot kids

Confessed killer Samuel Dieteman took the stand once again, testifying against his one-time roommate and friend.

Dieteman told jurors about two young potential victims who got away. Dieteman says he just couldn't bring himself to shoot two kids who were on a bike.

"As we were pulling up to the overpass for the U.S. 60, there was two kids riding on one bike together and the defendant handed me the shotgun," Dieteman testified. "I started bringing the shotgun up and I was like, 'No, I cannot shoot two kids on a bike."

Jurors in the trial say they have been so scared by the recent days' testimony, they've asked for more security.

So, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has decided to place additional deputies in the courtroom.

The trial in is in recess until Monday.