Man arrested in string of Valley Ocycontin robberies

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Serial pill robber behind bars

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MESA - The following is a press release from the Mesa Police Department:

On Tuesday, the Mesa Police arrested 34 year old, Carlo Steven Krakoff, after committing a robbery at the Walgreen's Store located at Higley and Southern in Mesa.

At approximately 4:20 PM, Krakoff entered the Walgreen's and approached the pharmacy counter and demanded Ocycontin and Xanax. He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, sunglasses, latex gloves, and a surgical mask. He demanded the drugs and instructed the pharmacy technician that she had 10 seconds to comply and began counting down from 10.

While waiting for the prescription drugs, he stood with his hands deep in his pockets. Fearing that Krakoff may have a weapon, the pharmacist gave him several pill bottles of medication. Krakoff then ran from the pharmacy counter attempting to flee from the store.

While this was occurring, an alert store employee notified the store manager. They were able to apprehend Krakoff outside the store and detain him until police arrived. The suspect and method of this robbery matched the description of five previous Oxycontin robberies throughout east Mesa. Krakoff was also driving a blue Volvo, which was described by witnesses in two of those prior robberies.

During the investigation, Krakoff admitted to detectives that he committed six robberies at several CVS and Walgreen's pharmacies.

This robbery series began in July 2008. During several of the robberies Krakoff had pointed a handgun at the victims at the pharmacy counters while demanding Oxycontin and Xanax.

He stated that he has an addiction to the prescription drugs and has been selling some of the stolen medications. Investigators executed a search warrant at Krakoff's home where they located several items of evidence in this case including a 9mm handgun.

Krakoff has been charged with 4 counts of Armed Robbery (class 2 felonies) and 2 counts of Robbery (class 4 felonies)