Judge denies alleged Serial Shooter's request to move trial

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PHOENIX -- A Phoenix judge has denied a request by alleged serial killer Dale Hausner to change the location of his trial in the Serial Shooter case.

Trial to begin Sept. 3

Judge Roland Steinle ruled that the defense didn't provide sufficient examples to prove that pretrial publicity will result in an unfair trial.

The articles the defense did provide, Steinle ruled, were not inflammatory, but factual.

Hausner had requested to move the trial outside of Phoenix because, the defense argued, pretrial publicity was so extensive and inflammatory, it created a carnival-like atmosphere and inferred that he was guilty.

The prosecution argued that many of the articles are two years old and were printed in newspapers outside of Arizona.

"Our office appreciates the court's ruling, which will make it much easier for victims and witnesses to attend the trial and will save the taxpayers a great deal of money," said County Attorney Andrew Thomas in a statement. "We are confident Maricopa County jurors will judge the evidence fairly, and we look forward to taking this case to trial."

The trial is scheduled to start Sept. 3, with jury selections.

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