No more Photo-Speed enforcement for Pinal County?

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New sheriff wants turned off

PINAL COUNTY -- A web site dedicated to covering the proliferation of photo-enforcement tactics is reporting that Pinal County will stop using photo-radar law enforcement.

The move is said to be pushed by new Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, who told the web site about the upcoming change moments after he was sworn in as sheriff.

In the interview, Babeu says that he is a strict Constitutionalist, and believes that the combination of private entities and law enforcement to make money is corrupting law enforcement.

The article also says that the Department of Public Safety will still be able to deploy their photo-enforcement vans in Pinal County. Babeu says that he is hopeful that new governor Jan Brewer will end statewide photo-radar enforcement.

Babeu did state support for red-light camera enforcement, but did not mention any plans for implementing such a system.

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