Months after being cut, revived programs of men's swimming and wrestling at ASU ready to begin seasons

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TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) -- When Arizona State announced six months ago that it was cutting three men's programs from its athletic budget, the reaction was predictable.

Outrage ensued from the community, while the athletes' lives were thrown into disarray.

Calls were made, emails were sent, meetings were held and commitments were not only promised but delivered.

The end result was two of the programs -- wrestling and men's swimming -- were resurrected in July, but men's tennis didn't survive.

The revived programs begin their respective season in the weeks to come.

ASU athletic director Lisa Love says the school was able to reinstate men's swimming because of financial support from various donors across the globe.

Wrestling also was reinstated due to financial support from local civic leadership.

On May 13th, ASU announced it was discontinuing the three programs due to the rising cost of operating a 22-sport varsity program.

At the time, the athletic department said it determined that sponsoring a 20-sport program would better fit ASU's athletic financial profile.