Mesa city workers begin 4-day work week program

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Mesa city workers begin 4-day work week

MESA - Cities all across Arizona are being forced to cut their budgets.

One of the ways some are saving money is by cutting their work week from five days to four.

Mesa has joined the ranks of Buckeye, Avondale and Queen Creek as it begins its four-day workweek pilot program. If its success is anything like Avondale's, it could become permanent.

On Monday Blaine Comeaux, an election specialist with the Mesa city clerk's office, began a new schedule. He admits he is, " Getting used to working longer hoursstaying mentally focused the entire day."

Comeaux and nearly 2,500 other Mesa city employees are now on an alternate compressed workweek with extended hours Monday through Thursday and Fridays off. It is called the "Four for Mesa Program."< /p>

"It was about the employees, it was about energy-savings, the environment and extended service for our customers," explains Steve Wright, with the City of Mesa.

This can be an adjustment professionally and personally for folks like Comeaux, who has three young boys.

The same program is called "Green Friday" at Avondale City Hall. It was the first city in the Valley to try it out. By working closely with employees and residents, the pilot program, which began in June 2008, was such a success that Avondale went full-time with it in October.

Avondale saved about $45,000 in energy savings by being closed on Fridays and saved an additional $10,000 in janitorial costs.

Mesa will conduct a similar survey of its customers and employee in December to get their feedback.