Peg board school supplies organizer

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Peg board

See how it's done

1x2x8 wood

"L" corner cap molding of your choice



1" drywall screws

Liquid nails

Slow setting hot glue and hot glue gun

Peg board accessories of your choice (hooks, drawers, pencil holders, etc...)

Wood putty

50 grit sandpaper

Instructions: (For a 24" x 24" Organizer board)

Cut peg board to 24" x 24".

Cut 1x2 to (2) 24" pieces and (2) 21" pieces.

Miter cut the cap molding for decorative frame to (4) 21" on the inside (optional)

Attach the 1x2 pieces to the back of the peg board to create stability and leave room for hooks to go through the pegs when the board is hanging on the wall. (Place the 1x2 pieces on the floor creating a 24" box, place the peg board atop) (Screw down through the peg board into the 1x2, using the 1" screws)

Attach cap molding to the peg board after mitering, using Liquid Nails and hot glue. (The hot glue bonds instantly, so you can continue, the Liquid Nails is for the real bond)

Fill any spaces in the mitered corners of the molding with the wood putty, let dry

Sand putty until smooth using 150 grit sandpaper.

Wipe off sanding dust.

Prime and paint desired color or colors or if using wood molding, stain the molding.

Let dry.

Hang on wall into studs with heavy duty hooks.

Add peg board hooks and accessories.

Add school supplies, game systems, I Pods. chargers, etc...