Rev. Al Sharpton travels to Phx to chat with sheriff

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PHOENIX - Rev. Al Sharpton was in town to face off against Sheriff Joe Arpaio who he has accused of racial profiling.

Sharpton: Justice vs. injustice

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The sheriff on Friday night said he does not know what was accomplished by Sharpton's visit. After a day of high-drama and political theater neither budged an inch.

Sharpton began his day in the desert with one of his trade-mark fiery speeches where he said, "I would fly anywhere to protect the rights of citizen Jos and citizen Jamal!"

At the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Phoenix, Sharpton set the tone for his coming showdown with Sheriff Arpaio. He said, "It's a showdown between right vs. wrong. Justice vs. injustice."

Later on his radio show, Sharpton talked to people who claim they have been unfairly targeted by MCSO deputies and from there, Sharpton took their cases to the sheriff himself.

A barrage of protesters and supporters met Sharpton outside the sheriff's office.

Under heavy security Sharpton made his way through the crowds and into the Wells Fargo building to meet with the sheriff. Both called the 45-minute chat frank and blunt, but civil.

Sheriff Arpaio said, "I really appreciated talking to him whether he agrees with me or not at least I got it off my chest."

Their second meeting of the day was not as cordial. Arpaio and Sharpton met again Friday evening for a debate on CNN. This time they were in the same building but kept in different studios for their national television face-off.

Still, as they parted ways after their chat, the sheriff extended another olive branch.

He said, "If he wants to come back and talk to me I'll be glad to do it."

Sharpton is vowing to return to do some undercover work following people who say they are being unfairly targeted by MCSO. He said, "We're going to fight to protect civil rights. Not illegal behavior, but we'll protect civil rights."

The two men found have one goal in common: They both go after people in animal cruelty cases.