Divorces wanted for reality TV show, auditions in the Valley

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Auditions at Old Town on Thursday

SCOTTSDALE - If you are a divorce or getting divorced, you are wanted for a brand new reality television show.

A casting director will be holding an open call Thursday night in Old Town. The show will center around fun-loving girls who are getting out of their marriages and re-starting their lives.

Mark Yawitz, from Reality Show Casting, says, "We want real people who are either currently divorced within the last year, or about to be divorced and possibly they've already planned it or their girlfriends have said hey we're gonna throw you a divorce party who say we're all going to Vegas, we're not letting you feel bad, we're gonna go have fun, its kinda what we're looking for."

The casting call will be held Thursday night at Pussycat Lounge in Old Town Scottsdale.

Auditions will start at 8 p.m. and probably wrap up by 10:30 p.m.

Auditions are also being held in Denver, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

According to RealityWanted.com, the show is expected to air on a major cable network later next year.