Video shows kids, suspected attacker before beating

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Suspect had odd incident with police

PHOENIX -- New surveillance video shows two little boys and their suspected attacker - just moments before a playground beating.

Phoenix police say the 7-and-10-year-old cousins were beaten to death with an aluminum bat at a west valley park.

The surveillance video released tonight comes from a neighbor who lives near by.

Two days before Christmas at 12:57 p-m you can see the boys heading toward the park.

One minute later, you see a man in a white tee-shirt and shorts following them.

He is carrying what appears to be a bat.

Four and a half minutes after that you see the same man with a bat walking in the opposite direction of the playground.

Phoenix police believe during that four-minute period Joe Gallegos beat the boys and left them for dead.

7-year-old Jesse Ramirez and 10-year- old Edwin Pellecier both died from their injuries the day after Christmas.

The boys were laid to rest in Tucson January 3rd.

36-year old Joe Gallegos is behind bars on $1-million dollars bond.

He is charged with two counts of murder and has pleaded not guilty.

Family members say Gallegos was schizophrenic and had been released from a psychiatric facility less than a month before the attacks.