Golfers struck by lightning on 17th hole of Flagstaff course

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FLAGSTAFF -- Two golfers were struck by lightning Tuesday evening while playing at the Aspen Hills Golf Course.

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The incident occurred as the golfers were on the 17th hole sitting in their golf cart. When emergency personnel arrived they found the two men conscious but disoriented.

Neither was able to recall what had happened. A nearby pine tree had exploded from being hit by lightning and a metal water line had been busted open by the strike.

The golfers' clubs were broken and strewn around the area where the golf cart was. One of the men had obvious lightning entry and exit wounds. The other had burnt hair, burnt clothing, and one of his shoes had been blown apart.

Surprisingly neither man had "cardiac dysrhythmia" or electrical irregularities in their heart beat -- a common symptom of lightning-caused death.

Both men were transported to the Flagstaff Medical Center for treatment.