Drowning victim's dad: Fence would have saved my son's life

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Toddler's dad opens up to 3TV

AHWATUKEE - It has been a busy season for Valley firefighters dealing with toddlers and drowning calls.

Rescue crews have responded to at least four calls since Thursday, one of them fatal. Firefighters tell 3TV nearly every drowning can be prevented, which is what makes them especially tragic.

While pool fences save lives, there is no substitute for constant supervision. That is a lesson too many families learn the hard way.

Two-year-old Sean Marrujo would have turned 3 years old next week but tragically it was a birthday that was not to be.

His mom found him at the bottom of the family's swimming pool on Thursday. Police tell 3TV Sean was left alone downstairs for about ten minutes while mom was upstairs tending to the other children.At some point he crawled through the doggy door and somehow wound up in the water. His dad tells 3TV, "My 8 year old daughter jumped in and helped pull him out."

Sean's mom started doing CPR but an hour later he died. Firefighters say they see it all the time.

In fact, on the same day Sean drowned a 3-year-old girl in Tonopah had to be airlifted, though she was expected to survive.

In the meantime Sean's dad is at a loss for how to protect his remaining four children from this big backyard danger. "Watch your kids at all timesand put up every measure you can to prevent a tragedy like I've suffered."

Whatever it takes, he says he just hopes people heed his warning.

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