Bomb squad called to package left at bank by bad Santa

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Santa drops off package

PHOENIX -- Terry Butler was short on cash Wednesday around 5pm so she headed to the Chase bank near Tatum and Cactus.

And that's when she came across - Santa.

"First of all, he's in shorts and a Santa hat with a package, a christmas package and I thought ok. That was strange, just it was strange." recalls Butler.

She then noticed fake Santa carrying the wrapped gift was running into the bank from a different parking lot.

"I saw this VW bug with no license plate and thought that was really strange, and then saw him running very quickly back to his car he didn't have time to do any kind of banking."

Scary Santa simply slid a 'christmas gift' inside the bank, then took off in his VW bug.

Butler took off after him.

"He knew I was following him so he turned around and actually locked my car in and came straight at me and and stopped and that's when he threatened me."

She says he threatened to kill her. In the meantime, there was a threat back at the bank.

Police had to bring in the bomb squad to disassemble the gift.

"They used the robot, our automatic robot, the robot went in, secured the package, brought it out. They were able to open the package and determine that inside actually was a box of ginger snaps. Cookies." says James Holmes of the Phoenix Police.

It seems bad Santa made quite the bad decision.

Holmes added "It's incredibly serious, given the signs of the times and the things that have been going on recently over the last few years, it really doesn't matter what was inside the package."

The cookies could cost him a charge of felony hoax.