2 AZ men killed during annual boating trip in Virginia

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Various factors blamed for accident

PHOENIX - Two Arizona men were killed in a boating accident in Virginia.

A witness says, "They had no life in them at allnonejust soaking wet and it was just a scary sight."

Six people were in the 18-foot boat when it capsized in Chesapeake Bay, all of them from Arizona.

Allen Dedrick, 69, and 89-year-old Ned Rokey were the ones who died.

Officials say, "All six were in the water at the time we got out there, one of which when he got back to the dock here was dead on arrival."

3TV has learned the group makes the fishing trip to Virginia Beach every year.

Now police say they are just trying to figure out how this happened.

A spokesperson reveals, "Some of the factors are the amount of people on the boat, the size of the boat and the condition of the water. That's all the factors that we believe played a role but it's still too early at this point to say for sure what happened."< /p>