Taking that photo-radar ticket to court? It will cost you...

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UNCUT: Coconino County describes why court fees are needed

COCONINO COUNTY -- There are two mobile photo radar vans snapping pictures of possible speeders in Coconino County. One on the 40 one on the 17.

If one of these cameras takes your glamour shot, you're out at least $20. You will get charged 20 bucks if you try and fight the ticket in court -- or just ignore it.

The money will be used to pay processing and local court costs.

"If it is challenged, currently, without the fee, all of the revenue goes to the state and we have no costs locally to offset and expenses we have here," explains Steven Peru, Coconino County manager.

News of this increase in fees didn't sit well with people who are already not happy with all the cameras on the highways.

Carol Wilson didn't have an opinion on the new $20 charge, but does think the cameras are a good thing.

"I believe it does reduce accidents," she said.

Todd Kandaris with Camerafraud.com thinks the new fee is just one more reason to end photo radar.

"And I thought, wow, that seemed like an intimidation tactic to keep people from exercising the immutable rights," he said.

Camerafraud.com is gathering signatures for a ballot initiative that would put an end to photo radar in Arizona.

"Here you go, you impose a system that artificially increases the number of court cases, and then you cry foul when the court load increases," Kandaris said.