Molding/crown molding cornice valance

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See how it's done

Molding cornice valance - Debbie Hernandez from The Home Depot shows's Scott Pasmore how to make a cornice valance from molding and crown molding.

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-Crown molding (cut to 48"w or desired size) or decorative baseboard molding

-(Qty 2) Large pre-made crown molding corners, if using crown molding.

-1x6x6 wood plank cut to 58".

-Glue gun with glue sticks.

-Clear liquid nails.

-Paintable caulk.




-L-brackets or 2x2 for installation

-Drill with screwdriver bit and level.

-Stud finder.


-Measure 1" in on the 1x6 and attach the first corner, make sure the back of the crown molding corner is flush with the back of the shelf.

-When attaching all components, use clear liquid nails for long term adhesion, but also use hot glue for immediate adhesion. This will allow you to continue with your project.

-Next attach crown molding to the 1x6 at an angle, then the other corner.

-If using straight 5 or 7" straight molding, simply measure and miter each side first -Then, measure the required depth back to the wall and create returns

-Returns will need to be mitered at the front corner, and will be flush at the wall end.

-Attach the bottom side of the molding to the 1x6, then attach the returns.

-Sand any rough edges.

-Caulk any open areas between crown molding or other molding and wood planks.

-Let dry. Sand.

-Prime surface.

-Paint to desired color.

-Faux finish if desired.

-To install, find appropriate height on wall, find studs using stud finder.

-Attach 2x2 to wall, leveling after first screw.

-Use at least 3 screws. If studs are not in the right place, use anchors.

-Place shelf onto 2x2. Screw down through the top of the shelf into the 2x2.

-Or install L-brackets spaced evenly apart into studs, if possible, level while measuring.

-Accessorize and enjoy!