$60,000 Cash seized from vehicle headed to Mexico

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NOGLALES - The following is a press release from the Department of Homeland Security:

CBP Officers at the Nogales Port of Entry seized close to $60,000 in cash being smuggled into Mexico.Officers inspecting vehicles leaving the United States at the Mariposa Port of Entry selected a car for inspection.Prior to commencing the inspection, the driver and passenger were asked if they were in position of any guns, ammunition and monetary instruments of more than ten thousand dollars.Both the driver and passenger stated that they had some money but not more than ten thousand dollars.During the inspection process, a CBP currency detection dog alerted to the presence of money inside the vehicle.

With the aid of the K-9, officers were able to locate a stash of money hidden in a compartment in the front seat of the vehicle.In total, $59,162 in undeclared currency and the 2004 Hummer used in the attempt were seized. The driver of the vehicle was turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for further investigation.

While the Port's primary focus is on what is coming into the United States, the port does have a special team that focuses on the people and vehicles leaving the country.During these outbound inspections, the team is looking for fugitives from the law, abducted children, stolen vehicles, guns and large quantities of undeclared currency.While it is legal to export as much money as would like to a foreigner country, you must tell Customs and Border Protection if you are either leaving or entering the country with more than 10,000 dollars in monetary instruments.

CBP recommends travelers either check our webpage at CBP.GOV or ask an officer prior to departing the United States about export regulations.Also, if you are in doubt as to if you should declare something either entering or leaving the United States, CBP suggests that you declare the item and the officers at the port will help you complete any addition requirements to either import or export the item legally.