Holiday decorating brings out sibling rivalry for 2 Valley bros.

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Valley brothers square-off with holiday lights

I want people to come out and say, 'Your house looks like the Griswold's'," admits Keith Ormrod. "I would actually like to make this house a gingerbread house. That is my ultimate goal."

There is no doubt Valley brothers Keith and Kevin Ormrod have the holiday spirit this year.

Kevin says he used, "Approximately 26,000 lights with the displays." Keith explains, "This year I only did about halfabout 15,000."

This is a tradition they took to their own homes in Mesa and Maricopa after doing it as kids.

Kevin says, "Pretty much around high school in Mesa we had my parents house and we used to decorate and it was a two-story house."< /p>

Each year the brothers try to mix things up by either adding more decorations or moving around the lights. "It changes," Keith admits. "It all depends on my mood if I put a whole bunch up then I will change it around."

Keith has everything from a moving train to polar bears, blow-up snow globes and even cut-outs of his family. He explains, "It gets people in the spirit. I like people coming by and checking out my house."

As for Kevin, besides all of the lights, he has got a bunch of Santa stuff, Rudolph, SpongeBob and one he calls his favorite. Kevin says, "The neighbors, they expect it. 'Hey when are you starting your lights.' So they look forward to it and thank me."< /p>

The brothers love their places so much that they enter it in all kinds of contests.

When 3TV asked them to let our viewers decide whose house they liked best, they were all for it.

Kevin admits, "We're competitive. I like to win at what I do and I like to strive to have the best."

While Kevin was a little more reserved about the competition, Keith was a different story. He says, "I think you should vote for me because I'm the youngest and the youngest should always beat the oldest."