Family remembers Valley man who died in hang-gliding accident

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PHOENIX - The Valley man who died in a hang-gliding accident over the weekend was 36-year-old Phoenix-native Kunio Yoshimura. He died after falling more than one-thousand-feet to the ground.

Father remembers his son

According to a report from the AZ Hang Glider Association Kunio forgot to attach his harness to the glider and tried to launch his parachute, but it was too late.

Yoshimura was far from a novice.

He and his friends jumped off cliffs around the state every weekend and frequently posted videos of their flights online, but last weekend something went horribly wrong.

Investigators and other hang gliders looked down onto the crash scene Saturday hoping for the best.

When rescuers rappelled they discovered Kunio lying motionless and were unable to revive him.

Kunio's death left his family devastated and perplexed.

Kunio was a Valley realtor, husband and father.

He had been flying for the last 15 years.

He was flying at an even with 50 other pilots last weekend, when he crashed.

The family hosted the car wash to raising money for funeral expenses and 3-year-old daughter's college fund.

Funeral services are tomorrow.