Deputy tases Prescott man after confrontation with process server

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PRESCOTT -- A Yavapai County Sheriff's Office deputy used a Taser on a Prescott man after a process server was threatened with a shotgun Thursday morning.


70-year-old man claims excessive force after tasing -'s Kristine Harrington reports a run-in between a 70-year-old man and Yavapai County sheriff's deputies is making news.

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According to YCSO spokesman Dwight D'Evelyn, the process server told deputies that he went to a home to serve civil foreclosure papers to the homeowner.

The process server asked for identification from the homeowner, Robert Leech, 70, and he refused.

As the server dropped the papers near the gate, Cindy Fox, 48, exited the home and pointed a shotgun at him. He immediately left and contacted YCSO regarding the assault.

Two deputies arrived at the home to investigate.

When questioned, Fox denied confronting the process sever with a firearm and claimed there was no shotgun in the home.

Leech began heading into the home against the order of deputies. According to D'Evelyn, Due to concern that Leech would arm himself with a firearm, a deputy deployed his Taser electric stun weapon. The probes only struck Leech's clothing and eventually detached as Leech ran back into the house.

D'Evelyn said Leech eventually exited the home unarmed and was taken into custody.

Fox admitted the shotgun was stored inside the home and gave consent for deputies to retrieve the weapon. Deputies recovered a shotgun matching the description provided by the process server.

Leech and Fox were transported to the Prescott Sheriff's Office for follow-up with detectives. Both were released and not booked pending further investigation. The county attorney will be requested to review the criminal allegation involving the process server. YCSO will also be conducting a force review of this incident.