Will PediPaws work for your furry friend?

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PHOENIX -- There's a product out there making some big claims so 3 On Your Side has decided to put it to the test.

The product we tested is something called PediPaws.

According to the commercial, PediPaws is supposed to make trimming your pet's nails a breeze. But before you go out and buy it, we wanted to try it.

Alysa Bevington loves the newest furry member to her family, but the one thing she doesn't like is having to trim the dog's nails.

"Most of the time dogs hate having their nails done," Dr. Michael Retford said.

Retford is a veterinarian with Islands Animal Clinic in Gilbert and says trimming a dog's paws can sometimes be painful to an animal.

"To use a typical nail trimmer, you're forcing a blade through the nail and as the blade goes through the nail it often creates cracks that travel up the nail to the sensitive quick of the nail," Retford said.

But there's a product out there called PediPaws that promises to make all that trimming safe and easy.

According to the commercial, PediPaws is designed to give your pets a proper and gentle filing.

So we asked Dr. Retford to put PediPaws to the test and by the looks of it, he says it's a tool that looks familiar.

"Since I got out of school in 1986 we were using the Dremel tools, which are very similar to this product by the looks of it, and it spins a sanding wheel and you sand the nail down so I think it will work very well," he said.

First he opens it up and turns it on.

"This is very quiet," he said. "The puppy didn't react at all. The noise is a big factor."

Then the trimming begins.

"So far, great! You can see the puppy's not too upset about it," Retford said.

And after just a couple minutes the first paw is done.

"Yeah, I think it works really well," he said.

Retford says the $20 product works great on small dogs, but he wasn't so impressed on bigger dogs.

"This is taking quite a while," he said.

So all in all does PediPaws work?

"For a large dog I'd probably go with a Dremel," Retford said. "For a medium or small-sized dog or a cat, even birds, it would work really well!"

Again, the PediPaws runs about $20 and you can pick it up at places like Wal-Mart and Walgreens or of course order it when you catch the infomercials.