Phoenix woman arrested for passing counterfeit bills in Prescott

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The following is a press release from the Prescott Police Department:

PRESCOTT -- On December 6, 2008 at approximately 8:30 p.m., Prescott Police Officers responded to the Gateway Mall in reference to a woman passing a fraudulent $100 bill. Mall security detained Sarah Ann Murabito, age 22, who they suspected of passing the fraudulent bill.

Prescott Police Officers and Investigators interviewed Ms. Murabito and learned that she had passed other fraudulent bills at the mall and several other Prescott area businesses. They also identified another suspect, Jason Gray, age 26. Sarah Ann Murabito and Jason Grey are both from Phoenix and it is believed they were working together.

The couple used the bills to make small purchases and then received real money in change. The counterfeit money appeared to be smaller bills that were "washed" and then reprinted as $100 bills. The serial number was the same on each of the bills, F99063690A.

Prescott Police served a search warrant at the suspect's hotel room. The evidence found in the room indicated they passed the counterfeit bills at least ten times in Prescott over the past week.

Police discovered that each bundle of change and the receipt from the transaction were kept separate. It is believed they maybe committing these crimes as part of a group or organization.

Anyone with any additional information is encouraged to call the Prescott Police Department at (928) 778-1444.