UPDATE: Dog shot after attack in Bagdad tests negative for rabies

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UPDATE -- June 12:

BAGDAD, Ariz. -- A dog shot by Yavapai County sheriff's deputies and later euthanized tested negative for rabies.

YCSO spokesman Dwight D'Evelyn said the owner, Christopher Fernandez, has moved from the location and will be charged with a Dog at Large violation.

Deputies met with the owners of the three remaining dogs involved in the June 2 incident. They are identified as Alejandro Escobedo, 21, Daniel Escobedo, 18, and Felicia Medina, 22, all from Bagdad.

D'Evelyn said the three dog owners were each cited for Dog at Large violations and could incur responsibility for civil damages to the bite victims along with Fernandez.

Alejandro Escobedo signed a surrender form authorizing her dog to be euthanized following the quarantine period.

The dogs were of various breeds including pitbull mix and German shepherd mix.

ORIGINAL REPORT -- June 5: Deputy shoots dog after it attacks 2 in Bagdad

BAGDAD, Ariz. -- A vicious dog that attacked two people in Bagdad, Ariz., was shot by a Yavapai County Sheriff's Office deputy.

Sheriff's deputies and animal control officers responded to a report of three dogs attacking a man near a gas station on Tuesday, according to YCSO spokesman Dwight D'Evelyn.

While checking the area, they found several aggressive dogs in a nearby residential yard. The dogs had gotten out of the yard through a hole in the fence.

While the officers were trying to contain the dogs in the yard using pepper spray, D'Evelyn said two of the dogs escaped from the back yard and attacked a 14-year-old boy walking nearby.

Deputies and animal control officers ran to the teen's aid and were able to get the dogs to go back to the yard.

The boy received bites on both legs and was bleeding. Medical personnel treated the teen and transported him to Yavapai County Regional Medical Center in Prescott.

The first bite victim had already left the area to seek treatment.

Efforts to contact the homeowner in person and by phone were not successful.

D'Evelyn said while deputies attempted to secure the broken fence to contain the dogs, one of the dogs charged a deputy. Another deputy fired one round from a shotgun, striking the dog in the shoulder. The dog immediately retreated.

While checking the perimeter of the back yard, deputies noticed one of the aggressive dogs had now been chained. Deputies contacted a 19-year-old resident, who told them he had been asleep and did not hear any commotion, including a shotgun being fired, outside the home.

The man helped secure three dogs, including the pit bull that had been shot. The dog's owner was contacted by phone and agreed to allow his dog to be euthanized instead of realizing the expense to treat the animal.

The dog was later euthanized and sent to a lab for rabies testing.

D'Evelyn said the owner of the other two dogs was contacted by phone and told that her dogs had been impounded pending rabies testing and follow-up. A fourth dog, not involved in any bite incidents, was allowed to remain home.

All dogs resided at the home.