Two-year-old girl drowns in family's backyard pool

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MESA - Mesa fire said a 2-year-old girl drowned in a fenced backyard swimming pool near Power and McKellips roads Friday afternoon.

Warning for pool fences

Both parents were home at the time of the incident - the father was in the garage and the mother was in the house.

The parents say that the little girl got away for just a few minutes and they do not know how she attained access to the pool and got through the fence.

The girl was found by one of her sisters, who called to her parents after finding her in the pool.

The parents did CPR on the child immediately after getting her out of the pool. The child never regained consciousness.

According to neighbors the family moved into the new development in Mesa a few months ago.

She was transported by ground to Bannner Baywood Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Investigators are trying to find out how the child got past the pool fence and into the water.