Valley resident connected to Chandra Levy case speaks out

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Arrest near in Chandra Levy case

PHOENIX - It's the murder case that was launched into the national spotlight, a federal government intern killed and her body not found until a year later; her murderer never brought to justice.

Police are close to making an arrest in the eight-year-old unsolved murder of Chandra Levy-and there is an odd Valley connection.

A person close to the case told the Associated Press that an arrest warrant is being made for a man named Ingmar Guandique, in connection to Levy's death.

Levy was romantically linked to former California Congressman Gary Condit who was questioned in the investigation of Levy's murder.

While he always denied involvement, Condit admitted that he had an affair with the 23-year-old and it ultimately brought down his political career.

The former congressman now lives in Anthem

He released a statement to a Washington D.C. TV station, saying he's glad the Levy family's getting the answers they deserve.

Condit went on to say, "It is unfortunate that an insatiable appetite for sensationalism blocked so many from searching for the real answers for so long.

Condit added, "I had always hoped to have the opportunity to tell my side of the story, but too many were not prepared to listen."

Chandra Levy was interning in Washington D.C. when she disappeared in April of 2001.

Her remains were found in a D.C. park a year later.

Police are now focusing on their lead suspect, a 27-year-old immigrant from El Salvador, who is currently in jail, serving time for attacking other women in that same park.

While Congressman Condit isn't talking about the break in the case, Chandra Levy's parents are.

Robert Levy said, "It's pretty hard not having your child with you. You want justice and you want justice, and it shouldn't happen to anyone."